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Corporate social responsibility

Today, corporate social responsibility goes far beyond the old philanthropy of the past – donating money to good causes at the end of the financial year – and is instead an all year round responsibility that companies accept for the environment around them, for the best working practices, for their engagement in their local communities and for their recognition that brand names depend not only on quality, price and uniqueness but on how, cumulatively, they interact with companies’ workforce, community and environment.

Essentially it is about how business takes account of its economic, social and environmental impacts in the way it operates – maximising the benefits and minimising the downsides.  It is the voluntary actions that business can take, over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements, to address both its own competitive interests and the interests of wider society.

Environment Education Project - Based at Rosliston Forestry Centre in South Derbyshire, the Environmental Education Project has been organising a range of public events, environmental courses and school visits across the district since 1994. Businesses can support the work of the project and individual community environmental initiatives through the contribution of time, expertise or resources.

The National Forest - The National Forest Company team has years of experience building creative, mutually beneficial, partnerships with the private sector. They can create a customised sponsorship, tailored to achieve your specific business objectives or you can join others in the Business Benefits Scheme. So whatever your size or budget they have the track record, flexibility and positive approach to make it work.

Business in the Community - A unique business movement committed to transforming business and transforming communities. Members are asked to work with them on five campaign areas, which aim to build resilient communities, diverse workplaces and a more sustainable future.  Business in the Community offers a range of services that challenge and support members and help to transform businesses.

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