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Economic development

South Derbyshire District Council is involved in numerous economic development initiatives that directly contribute to the enhancement of the local economy and workforce of the district.

A Bricklayer

These include:

  • Attracting inward investment - attracting businesses and employment to the district through the promotion of the area and available sites and properties, together with the provision of assistance to potential investors.

  • Providing sites and premises for employment - including through maintaining a commercial property portfolio, providing assistance with improvements and as the local planning authority, identifying sites for future employment development.

  • Attracting visitors - attracting visitors from the UK and overseas to South Derbyshire and The National Forest by promoting the area to potential visitors and securing improvements in visitor facilities, such as country parks and the town centre, in order to increase visitor spending with local businesses.

  • Supporting business development - providing support to local businesses and tourism enterprises directly and through the development of sector or issue-based structures and support networks.

  • Providing visitor information - informing visitors about events, attractions and accommodation in South Derbyshire and The National Forest and informing local residents about things to do and destinations throughout the UK - principally through the operation of a tourist information centre.

  • Implementing economic development initiatives - providing services or delivering projects that enhance the local economy, for example developing the workforce, overcoming barriers to employment or improving the physical environment of the district, both directly and in partnership with other organisations.

  • Undertaking research, feasibility studies and project development, and providing support to partnerships - in order to secure financial resources and enable economic development initiatives that contribute to the above activities, thereby benefiting the district.

The South Derbyshire Economic Development Strategy is attached to this page. The strategy sets out how the district council works in partnership with a range of public, private, and community and voluntary organisations involved in the economic development of the area. These include the Derbyshire Economic Partnership and D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership

A brief history of coal mining in South Derbyshire

(Image: Christopher Beech Photography)

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