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Community Events Toolkit - Introduction

The South Derbyshire Community Events Toolkit (CET) provides guidance and advice on organising community events and projects.  It is designed for use by a wide variety of groups to help make running events, projects and initiatives in the district easier.  It contains practical checklists, useful templates and information that can be adapted for each event. 
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Many different resources have been used in compiling this guide. 

Where appropriate the pack directs users to other websites with comprehensive resources and template documents. 

The Useful Links and Useful Contacts sections highlight additional websites and contacts which could help you with organising your event.

Although every effort has been made to ensure information is accurate and up-do-date, event organisers are advised to ensure they are complying with current legislation. 

South Derbyshire District Council will not be held responsible should event organisers fail to meet legal requirements.

page ref: SDDC 390

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