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Change to the way LHA rates are calculated

When LHA was introduced in April 2008 the Valuation Office published the LHA rates for each area every month. Your claim was based on the LHA for your area and family size for that month. If nothing else changed during the following year, your claim would be recalculated to the new LHA rate for that month, on the anniversary of your claim.

In April 2012 the Government froze the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates to that in April 2012. We are currently reviewing all existing LHA claims on their anniversary date, and applying this April 2012 rate. So for example, if you first claimed 17 October 2011 your claim was based on the October 2011 LHA rate. If nothing has changed with your household composition and you have not moved address, effective from 22 October 2012 we will review your LHA and make the new award based on the April 2012 rate.

For those claims with an anniversary date that falls from January 2013 to March 2013 we will not review the LHA rate used in your claim.

From April 2013 all LHA claims will have their LHA rate reviewed from the 1 April for monthly charged rents and from the first Monday in April for weekly or daily charged rents. The LHA rates will still be provided by the Valuation Office but the way they calculate this rent will change. Instead of being linked to local rent levels, the April 2013 rate will be increased by the inflation amount of the  Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Follow this link for the LHA rates from April 2013.

Changes to the rent you are charged

From April 2013, if the rent you are charged is less than the LHA rate and your landlord increases your rent, we will be able to apply this increase up the LHA rate. If your rent is already above the LHA rate and your landlord increases it, please still inform us of this change. We will update our records but will not be able to apply the change until the LHA rate increases to or above the new rent you are charged. If the rent you are charged decreases, you must inform us of this change.

This link will take you to the Valuation Office Agency website for LHA.


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