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Housing benefit and council tax benefit

Housing benefit and council tax benefit are means-tested benefits that we administer on behalf of the Department of Works and Pensions. These benefits can help you to pay your rent and council tax if you are on a low income.

What is housing benefit?

Housing benefit provides help towards rent for people on low incomes.

Am I able to claim?

You may be able to claim housing benefit to help you pay your rent if you are living in:

  • private rented accommodation (called Local Housing Allowance)
  • council or housing association accommodation
  • a hostel
  • mobile home
  • board and lodgings
  • other similar accommodation.

You cannot claim housing benefit if you (and/or your partner) have more than 16,000 in savings, unless you are over 60 and get the guaranteed pension credit.

How much benefit will I receive?

The amount of benefit paid is determined by your personal circumstances, your income and also your household.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction calculator.

Once your claim has been received, it will be processed and you will receive a notification letter explaining your entitlement and the details used in the calculation.

Making a claim

Find out how to make a claim for housing benefit or make an online application

You can sign in to view details of your Housing Benefit and Council Tax account.

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