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Your annual council tax bill

Your annual Council Tax bill will be sent out by post in the week commencing 13 March 2017, telling you what you need to pay for the year ahead.

A leaflet allowing you to set up a Direct Debit will accompany the letter, but you can also download and complete a direct debit form and return it to us.

If you plan to make a payment at the Civic Offices in Swadlincote you will need to pay by cash or card at one of our payment machines. You will need your Council Tax reference number, which is found on your bill, to do this. Please note that the machines do not accept cheques or £50 notes.

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Council Tax bill FAQs

I paid by Direct Debit last year. Do I need to set up another for this year?

No. This Direct Debit is still valid and this yearís payment will be made automatically.

My bill is showing I still owe money for the last financial year, but I have paid it. Do I need to contact you?

No. If you paid after February 25 (or after February 23 at a pay point), this is normal due to early bill printing deadlines. The anomaly will be corrected.

I have reported a change in my circumstances, but the change is not showing on my bill. Should I contact you?

No. A revised bill featuring the amended information will follow shortly.

Iíve not received my Council Tax bill. When should I contact you?

You should have received the bill by March 20. You should only contact us after that date if youíre yet to receive it.

Iíve received an email telling me Iím entitled to a Council Tax refund. What do I do?

Donít be caught out. Strict rules apply.  If we need to pay you back any money, you will receive a statement showing how much we owe you first. You will then be asked to confirm the amount and request a refund of it in writing so we can be sure that you are entitled to it

I have received my e-bill but cannot open it. What should I do?

You need to enter your account reference number to open the bill. This number is eight digits long and starts with a Ď3í.

I was in credit at the end of the last financial year Ė has this been taken off my new bill?

Yes. This will be shown on your bill.

Why has Council Tax increased this year?

A reduction in core national funding has meant that, after staying at the same level for the past five years, Council Tax has been increased by 1.95%, in line with Government expectations, to help ensure that healthy financial reserves and quality frontline services for South Derbyshire are maintained. The District Councilís precept accounts for less than 10% of the total Band D bill of £1,621 in 2017-18 for South Derbyshire householders. Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner also levy a precept and are increasing Council Tax levels for the coming year.

What is my Council Tax spent on?

The Council works hard to offer value for money in improving life in the towns and villages of the District. In recent times this has included investing in better recycling opportunities, leisure facilities and green spaces, delivering popular community events like the annual Festival of Leisure and ensuring that food businesses are meeting top hygiene standards.

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The income on my benefit assessment is incorrect Ė what do I do?

You need to supply us with the necessary evidence and a covering letter stating the date of change. This will then be amended.

I have received my Council Tax bill but not my benefit assessment letter. What should I do?

The assessment letter will follow shortly.

I have reported a change of circumstances but it isnít showing on my assessment. Should I contact you?

A revised assessment will follow shortly.