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Equality and diversity

The council is committed to advancing equality and celebrating diversity within South Derbyshire.

We have a duty to encourage and promote equality as an employer, in the provision of services and carrying out our public functions. We recognise the importance of our employees in achieving the Council's aims and their role in continuing to provide high quality, prudent, customer focused services. We aim to create an environment in which all people are able to give their best; that is free from discrimination, victimisation and bullying where everyone feels valued and motivated, and where decisions are based on merit.

Our commitment

We want all our communities, whether large or small, rural or urban to be strong places with a sense of togetherness and belonging. We will foster high aspirations, independence and personal responsibility.

We will support every citizen and employee in realising their full potential to be able to exercise genuine choice and control over their lives and participate fully in the community life of South Derbyshire.

To support our commitment, we will comply and embrace equality law and good practice, including carrying out our public duties to promote equality and diversity.

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Page ref: LGSL 344, 861

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