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What is the Citizen's panel?

What is the Citizen's Panel and how can I be involved?

What is the Citizen's Panel?

  • It was set up in 2001 in partnership with Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire Police
  • It is made up of 1,000 people from across South Derbyshire
  • Panel membership is open to anyone who lives in the district
  • It is a chance for panel members to share their views and ideas on a wide range of issues.

Who is on the panel?

  • It includes people from all backgrounds and all parts of the South Derbyshire district
  • It is designed to be broadly representative of the district as a whole
  • It aims to reflect the diversity of the area in terms of ward, gender, age, ethnicity and disability.

 Why is it important?

  • It helps us to find out what is important to the residents of South Derbyshire so we can improve the local area
  • We need the views of all different ages and communities so that we can improve services for everyone
  • It gives residents a chance to have a say about the things that are important where they live
  • It provides the council with a flexible and cost-effective way of consulting with a large number of residents regularly
  • It can also be used to recruit people to take part in discussion groups or other local consultation events.

What do panel members do?

  • Panel members complete up to four postal questionnaires a year on a variety of topics
  • Each questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • We also occasionally invite panel members to take part in group discussions (often known as focus groups) or workshops on particular issues (attendance at these is optional).

How is the panel recruited?

  • A recruitment questionnaire was sent out in 2001 to 6,000 local people, selected at random from the electoral register, inviting them to take part
  • From the responses to the recruitment questionnaire, 1,000 people were selected and invited to join the panel
  • Since 2001, a third of the panel has been replaced each year to enable more residents to take part and to ‘refresh’ the membership to make sure that the views and opinions we receive are not affected by long term exposure to council information through our consultations.

What happens to the results?

  • We look at what residents are telling us and develop action plans and policies to improve things
  • Panel members get a newsletter telling them what the results were and what the council is doing about them
  • The results of each survey can also be found on this website.

How can I get involved?

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