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Recycling, composting and refuse collection frequently asked questions

General recycling, composting and refuse service frequently asked questions.

Where do I put out my bins for collection?

Put your bins just inside the boundary of your property where it meets the road or pavement.

Bins must be clearly visible for the collection crews and they should be able to reach your bins without stepping inside the boundary of your property.

Homes with no side, front or rear access may have to have a sack collection system.

We will make separate arrangements for people in flats or households where it is difficult to store wheeled bins. These properties generally have larger communal bins which do not need to be put out.

Do you collect extra recycling or waste put out next to a bin?

We will take recyclable materials alongside your green bin, provided they are in a clear/open bag or placed in a recycling box and can easily be seen and collected.

Rubbish will not be taken from alongside your black bin unless collections have been delayed due to severe weather conditions or you have received other official notification.

What happens if I put the wrong items in my green recycling bin, caddy or brown composting bin?

We will not be able to empty a bin or caddy if they contain the wrong items. Please check your calendar leaflet or the A to Z of waste attached to this page if you are unsure where to put different waste items.

We will put a sticker or a bin hanger on your bin to notify you of the problems items.

If the problem items are removed we will empty the bin or caddy on the next collection.

What happens on bank holidays?

We do not collect refuse from properties on bank holiday Mondays, (Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday and Late Summer Bank Holiday). All bank holiday Monday collections take place on the Saturday two days before the bank holiday Monday for affected properties. The service operates as normal on Good Friday. Christmas and New Year arrangements are notified each year via your collection calendar and publicised through this website and the local press.

What happens if my bin has gone missing?

Please call SDDC customer services tel: 01283 595795 or email:

If the bin has gone missing on collection day or has been damaged by our collection vehicle the council will provide a free replacement.

If the bin is damaged or has gone missing under other circumstances the householder will need to pay for a replacement.

My bin has been missed what should I do?

If your bin was out for collection before 6am and there is not a sticker or hanger on the bin informing you why it has not been emptied please call Customer Services tel: 01283 595795 or email:

I need a different size of bin how can you help me?

The council provides three standard sized 240 litre bins for recycling, composting and refuse.

Smaller 120 litre bins are available for compostable waste and refuse if you find you do not produce much compostable material or refuse, or need a smaller bin because of property access conditions.

We may be able to provide a second 240 litre brown bin where a household produces more compostable waste throughout the year than can be kept in a 240 litre brown bin.

A larger bin for refuse is available where there is a large family in a household that is producing more non-recyclable waste than can be kept in a standard 240 litre bin.

To request different bin sizes please call SDDC customer services tel: 01283 595795 or email:

How do I keep my bin clean?

Using compostable bin liners will help to keep your brown bin and kitchen caddy clean. They are available at the following stockists throughout South Derbyshire:


Bembridge Convenience Store, Bembridge Drive

Aston On Trent

The Village Stores, Weston Road


Planters Garden Centre, Bretby Lane

Castle Gresley

Post Office and General Stores, Linton Road

Church Gresley

Primrose Stores, Oxford Street

Treats And Sweets, Market Street


Post Office, The Green


Post Office and Stores, Main Street


Spar Shop, Derby Road


Garden King, Park Road

Wellwood Stores, Wellwood Road


Village Stores and Post Office, Lullington Road


Post Office and Stores, London Road


Stanton Nurseries, Woodland Road

Stenson Fields

Stenson Stores, Pilgrims Way


SDDC, Civic Offices, Civic Way


Swarkestone Nursery, Lowes Lane


General Store, Beech Avenue


Masseys, Swadlincote Road

And by mail order and online from:

For general advice about keeping your bins clean and tidy please see our bin hygiene fact sheet attached to this page.

Can we offer any further support with home composting?

Home composting is one of the most worthwhile recycling activities you can do. Did you know that about a third of your rubbish is compostable? Derbyshire Local Authorities have teamed up with Get Composting to provide an exclusive offer of discounted home compost bins at a cost of:

  • 17.98 for a 220 litre compost unit plus 5.99 delivery
  • 19.98 for a 330 litre compost unit plus 5.99 delivery

There are also various other products available including wormeries, caddy liners, aerators, and water butts all at highly competitive prices. To order visitGet Composting or tel: 0845 658 8866. The standard cost from a BT landline is 5p per minute plus a setup charge. Other providers may charge more. For more details see our home composting fact sheet attached to this page.

What happens if I need healthcare waste collecting?

Your GP or healthcare professional will need to complete a healthcare waste assessment and send it to us to inform the council about the type of service needed.

When we receive the assessment we will contact you with the details for the collection.

Do you recycle unwanted furniture?

The council works with the YMCA to recycle as much reusable unwanted furniture as possible.

To participate in the scheme please arrange for a Bulky Waste collection service as normal, tel: 01283 595795, and your furniture will be offered to the YMCA before unwanted items are taken to the landfill site.

What other things can I do to minimise waste?

Hints and tips on reducing and reusing waste can be found in the waste minimisation fact sheet attached to this page.

What plans do you have in place to deal with waste in the future?

Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and the eight district and borough councils have drawn up a strategy for managing household rubbish called 'Looking After Derbyshire's Waste'. The strategy details the joint approach of Derbyshire's councils to deal with our rubbish over the next 20 years and addresses the problems associated with sending rubbish to landfill as this is no longer acceptable on such a large scale. More information and the full strategy documents are available on Derbyshire County Council's website.

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