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Swadlincote Waste less, Save more project

Welcome to the Swadlincote Waste less, Save more project, an initiative that aims to cut household waste by 50 per cent across South Derbyshire between January and December 2016.

Swadlincote Waste less, Save more project launch

This scheme, which involves South Derbyshire District Council and a wide range of partners, has been made possible thanks to a £1m investment by Sainsbury’s, which selected our bid from 189 submitted from across the UK.

The supermarket’s town challenge is all about bringing the community together - families, businesses, councils, charities and so on - to discover the best ways to waste less and save more.

We have developed ideas for a number of different projects which will:

  • reduce food waste
  • increase financial savings
  • deliver health benefits
  • be innovative
  • be fun.

By testing some of the most innovative ideas and technology available, from finding the best soup recipes made from the most commonly thrown away foods to getting ‘Menu Magicians’ to create ‘pop-up’ restaurants, it is hoped that the average family household could slash their annual food waste bill from £700 to £350.

It is all part of a £10m investment by Sainsbury’s over the next five years to help households across the UK reduce waste, with South Derbyshire the pioneer behind it all.

What we learn here will be shared with communities across the UK to make a real difference.

You can follow all the latest updates on the project by liking our Facebook page, Swadlincote Waste less, Save more.