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Here at Waste Less, Save More we're all about reducing food waste!

One of the ways we are doing this is by travelling round in our retro Van ‘Gina’ and cooking up delicious quick and easy recipes to help reduce food waste by inspiring you to use up leftovers and get creative in the kitchen.

You can find all the recipes we have cooked on Gina so far attached to this page. But if you want to get more creative and find some new recipes online then the following websites are a great place to start.

Food Rescue which is where you can type in ingredients you have that need using up. This comes with a handy calculator so you can see how much you are saving by not throwing the food out.

Homemade by you is brimful with recipe ideas, news articles and much more all designed to help reduce food waste.

Love Food Hate Waste has a brilliant recipes section as well as plenty of information and advice to help you reduce food waste.

BBC Good Food, About Food and The Kitchn are all great websites to find new recipes.

If you are working with a tight budget then Cooking on a Bootstrap is the place to go.

Or you can always type a few ingredients into your search bar and let Google do the work.