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Anyone may become disabled, suddenly through accident, or gradually through illness, and some people are disabled from birth. Derbyshire County Council Social Services aim to help you cope and deal with disability.

For further information telephone 08456 058 058 (Local call charges apply)

Services for adults with disabilities (link to Derbyshire County Council)

Services for children with disabilities (link to Derbyshire County Council)

DirectGov - Disability

Learning disabilities

In Derbyshire specialist/dedicated social care and health services for people with a learning disability are organised by the Derbyshire Learning Disability Services Partnership.

Derbyshire County Council - Learning Disabilities


The Royal Association for Disability Rights (RADAR) is the UK's largest disability rights campaigning network, with a membership of 800 organisations and individuals.

The National Key Scheme run by the Association gives access to 9,000 accessible toilets in the UK for use by disabled people, and only accessible with a 'Radar' key.

For further information on the scheme and to find out more about the Association take a look at their website:


page ref: LGCL 646

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