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Doctors, Dentists and hospitals

This  page will help you to find local doctors, dentists, hospitals and other health services.

Treatment and appointments at NHS hospitals are free for all UK residents.

NHS Choices provides a wide range of information on local NHS service providers including hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and specialist services such as alcohol clinics.

NHS Choices also features:

  • health news
  • a health encyclopedia giving information on over 800 conditions and treatments
  • contains advice on subjects such as child health, diet, fitness, stress and vaccinations.
  • quick answers to hundreds of the most common health questions
  • information, advice and support for carers
Find a doctor

Your local doctor, also known as a general practitioner (GP), provides a wide range of services including providing advice on health problems, physical examinations, diagnosis of symptoms, and prescribing medication and other treatments. Usually a small group of GPs work together in a practice, often referred to as a surgery, clinic or health centre

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