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Swadlincote Townscape Heritage Scheme

South Derbyshire District Council has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant of over £400,000.

The project will start in early 2016 and will run for three years. A townscape heritage officer will be appointed to manage the project.

Swadlincote Townscape Heritage Scheme

This money will be used to help improve the special historic character of Swadlincote town centre’s Conservation Area and get people involved in the town’s heritage.

The historic core of Swadlincote was designated as a conservation area in 1990 and was extended in 2001. Conservation areas are zones within cities, towns and villages that have a special character. The conservation area designation aims to protect and enhance this character and is linked to a Conservation Area Character Appraisal (2014) and Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP).

This HLF grant will build on the excellent work that has already helped to bring new life to Swadlincote. Past and ongoing projects include:

  • the inspirational 2001 and 2012 vision and strategy documents
  • English Heritage and Derbyshire County Council property improvement grant schemes
  • repaving of the Delph, West Street, Ernest Hall Way and the jitties
  • major regeneration schemes such as The Pipeworks.

Key elements of the Swadlincote Townscape project


There will be grants for repairs and improvements to historic buildings, including windows, doors, shop fronts and distinctive architectural features. Eligible buildings are all within the Conservation Area.

Streets and spaces

Heritage Lottery Fund Lottery FundedThe Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Garden (behind the Leisure Centre /opposite Sharpe's Pottery Museum) will be re-designed to improve this important town centre green space and encourage more people to use it.

The photo gallery shows the garden as it is now.

Exciting heritage activities, events and education

The activities will help local people to learn about the industrial and social heritage of Swadlincote. They will include guided walks and talks, self-led town trails and ‘have a go’ activities. Training and education activities will be provided for people who own/ manage properties in the Conservation Area and for local builders.

Schools groups will have their own bespoke sessions and we have developed some activities already which can be emailed to any teachers who would like to try them.

See the Swadlincote Townscape Activity Plan in the related documents section of this page for more details.

The Swadlincote townscape project has two phases

Swadlincote conservation areaFirstly, a development phase during 2014/15 which is being used to work out how to involve people in the scheme and to confirm the details of our application to HLF.

Secondly, a delivery phase from 2016 to 2018 when work will be carried out on town centre buildings and events and activities will run for the public and for schools.

For more information about the project please see the Swadlincote Townscape Facebook page or email: or tel: 01283 228764 or 01283 595936 for general enquiries / grants / Diana Garden.

For event or school enquiries contact the Environmental Education Project team tel: 01283 535039 or email:

Another way to get involved in our town and help to develop new opportunities is through Swadlincote Town Team.

Swadlincote Town Team is a partnership of businesses, organisations, volunteers and local residents who care passionately about their local town. They are working in partnership with South Derbyshire District Council and Swadlincote and District Chamber of Trade to promote ‘Swadlincote: Market Town of The National Forest’, and to create an even safer and pleasanter environment in which to shop and visit. To find out more or get involved visit Swadlincote Town Team Facebook page.

If you are looking to invest in Swadlincote, see our business and investment pages.

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